Braiding And Hair Weaves

Hair is the personal accessory that speaks volumes about you. Taking into consideration who you are and the look you want is the precise expertise of our hair professionals.

Weave Ons / Bonds & Extensions

Fixing (without Closure, long Hair)
Fixing (closure, long Hair)
Fixing (closure, Short Hair)
Lace Wig Fixing
Lace Wig Removal
Lace Frontal
Lace Frontal Removal
Lace Closure
Lace Closure Removal
Full Hair Bonding (long)
Full Hair Bonding (short)
Micro Strands Bonding
Strand Bonding
Shampoo & Setting of Extensions
Bridal Hair
 Watermelon (Pick And Drop)
 Straight (Pick And Drop)
 Small Sized Braids
 Medium Sized Braids
 Large Sized Braids
 Small Sized Twists
 Medium Sized Twists
 Large Sized Twists
 Normal Braids
 Tight Braids
 Loose Braids
 Kinky Braids
 Natural And Artificial Dreadlocks
 Crotchet Braids
 Human Hair Braids
Loosening Of Braids/ Weaves