True Story: In Love For The First Time!

My name is Anita Anyawu and this is my love story. My mother has always loved the idea of keeping one’s hair completely natural and so she never relaxed my hair as I grew up. Consequently, I have an unpleasant thick mass of natural hair with a texture that has always been too much of a struggle for me to maintain. I left it that way to make her happy, but deep down, I really never liked it. I always thought it was too untidy and rough.

Now, I have to wake up early every morning to have ample time to style my hair. This has been a constant battle for me. I would always run out of conditioner and shampoo, blow drying my hair took all of my strength and if I let it dry naturally, it would take all day. I was constantly putting it up and taking it down, but was never satisfied. Merely getting my hair into a frigging ponytail was a battle EVERY SINGLE TIME and when I did succeed, I would get crazy headaches because my hair was too heavy. Brushing my hair was a lot of trouble as the brushes either broke right when I needed them the most or wouldn’t even go through the hair. Meanwhile, straightening just did not work and if I decided to have a professional do it, I would have to be at the salon for the next 10 hours or the rest of my life. Or so it felt. Curling my hair takes a lifetime and Bobby pins just disappear in them, regular hair ties are no match for the mass on my head so most times even styling is a problem. Once, I got so frustrated with having so much hair that I took drastic measures and cut it, but then ended up with a triangular-shaped head.

EVENTUALLY, all my frustrations ended when I discovered what I truly consider the best hair spa and salon in Lagos- Apples and Oranges Spa and Salon) via social media. Fortunately, it is not so far from my house and so I decided to visit. The team of natural hair experts gave me so many natural hair tips, treated my hair continuously, moisturized, curled and styled my hair comfortably and guess what? Till date, I bless God for letting me walk into that salon. Apples and Oranges Spa and Salon apparently ranks comfortably in the top 5 Best Hair Salons in Lagos!

Since I started employing their services, I now love my natural hair. I am more confident and my hair feels healthier and curlier. I especially love the compliments that come with rocking my Apples and Oranges treated and styled natural hair.



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