African Rapunzel Grooming Tips!

Here is a fact: African natural hair is able to grow really long. Most people have always had this generally false notion that African hairs are generally stunted and can never quite be long. What they do not realise is that with correct treatment and hair care, ones natural hair can be as amazing as one wants it.

Below are tips to growing your hair rich and long:

  1. Patience and Consistent Hair care: One must remember that these things are not overnight miracles. Gaining new length takes some time and it is thus advisable for one to consistently adhere to hair and health care tips, while practicing great patience.
  2. Regular Trims– Although getting regular trims to snip splits won’t make one’s hair actually grow faster, it will keep the tips healthy and it prevent splits from working their way up hair strands, which would require one to chop off hair more often than one should. Here’s the math: the longer one waits to trim off split ends, the shorter ones hair actually becomes.
  3. Condition and Shampoo: “If your hair is wet, it means you have to condition it,” Townsend says. Over time, hair activities from coloring to heat styling, etc., all affect ones hair and cause the strands to begin to thin out at the start to get thinner at the root. Hair conditioners are hair body lotions. They help replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft, “as well as seal the cuticle to help prevent more damage from happening so that you can get your hair to grow longer and look healthier,” Townsend further says.
  4. Don’t Shampoo every Shower-time: The purpose of using a shampoo is to wash away dirt and product buildup in one’s hair, but it can also take essential natural oils that keep strands soft and healthy along with it. When you really do need shampoo, be gentle on your hair by only lathering up at your scalp and then simply letting the suds slide down strands, hitting the rest of the hair as the water rinses it away.
  5. Regular Oil or Mask treatments: These oils are able to fill hair strands up with fatty acids and when they’ve been rinsed out, using regular shampoo helps trap them inside one’s hair and this is very essential for hair growth.
  6. Consider your Diet: Your body requires many vital nutrients to create new hair, from ample protein to essential minerals. You must thus take a look at your diet because while eating a balanced diet helps, you may not be getting the proper quantity of all the hair-building nutrients needed to create healthy hair that can grow super-long and withstand damage.
  7. Constant Brushing: Constantly brushing one’s hair can cause physical harm to one’s hair. When you detangle wet hair, be sure to start from the bottom and work your way up and not the popular way of going from the scalp down.
  8. Use Soft Towels– Avoid using massive thick towels, your hair gets caught in all the woven fibers and since most women almost always wrap towels too tightly around their heads, all those tiny, fragile hair strands are more prone to get trapped and break.

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