My Pre & Post Natal Experiences At Apples And Oranges Spa, Lagos

Being pregnant is not an easy job, let’s be honest. As one approaches one’s due date, it gets even more difficult and unbearable as the weight of the baby begins to weigh down the mum-to-be. During pregnancy, one’s body is continually adjusting and sometimes, just a little help is needed along the way. At sore times like these, a good massage is highly recommended to alleviate all of the tension and body ache that are inevitable at this stage of pregnancy.

My pregnancy experience from the first trimester to the second trimester, was rather unpleasant. This was probably because I was having my first child. My husband was away at work and so I was left alone to deal with the many back aches, body pains, swollen legs, morning sickness- the entire package.

I necessarily started looking for a spa I could be visit from time to time. It wasn’t easy finding a spa to cater to the pre-natal market. For one, most spas that do not have therapists who are trained in pre-natal massages will not accept a woman who is already pregnant, while those who have skilled therapists, have many rules in place. Most times, they only accept customers who have passed their first trimester or have attained the 20-weeks mark.

As a first time mum-to-be, I was extra cautious of everything, including the choice of selecting a location for pre-and post-natal massages. Fortunately, I found Apples and Oranges Spa and Salon in Lagos and I was completely blown away by the environment and their services. The facilities are fantastic, the environment is tranquil, they have amazing wait-reads, fantastic sauna and steam room, refreshments for guests; it was utterly wonderful. As though that were not enough, the spa treatments were totally rejuvenating. One of the treatments consisted of a full body massage that was completely suitable for pregnant women. I had the chance to experience their pre-natal treatment which was a deeply nourishing treatment, particularly designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during pregnancy. They have different treatments recommended for different trimesters of pregnancy and the treatments recommended for women who are past their first trimester includes body exfoliation, body massages, facial masks and a scalp massage to round things off. Its easily one of the top 5 spas and salons in Lagos, Nigeria, with the best spa service I’ve encountered.

I was particularly impressed by the way the staff at the spa paid attention to details, for instance- my sleeping and sitting positions, the exercises recommended for pregnant ladies and so on. You’d be surprised how many spas overlook these vital points. The therapists at apples and oranges are excellent and knowledgeable. My therapist explained everything to me and kept checking to see if I was okay and comfortable. I felt completely relaxed. I can sincerely say they really helped make my pregnancy experience a lot easier.

My post-natal experience was equally fantastic. I had already, obviously discovered the best spa in Lagos and so when my son was a few weeks old, I took the opportunity to go for post-natal treatments. I needed to get my body back in shape, tone and firm my skin, lose pregnancy weight and completely restore my erstwhile great looks. With the recent constant lack of sleep, I was certainly in need of some restoration and I was pleased that the Spa’s treatment helped me desired body goals.

I was most impressed by the fact that the facilities were well-maintained, clean and best of all, private. I once even had the opportunity to comfortably ‘pump milk’ in the changing area without anyone batting an eyelid.

The spa treatments at Apples and Oranges are executed by the best professional therapists in Lagos using the Biologique Recherche nourishing body oil. This is way safe for both pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers (as was my condition at the time). I particularly liked how moisturizing the oil was. I thus recommend this as a treat for anyone who desires it, or as a gift to an expectant mother. The specially selected pre-and post-natal treatments will help nourish and protect the skin during and after this special pregnancy period. Apples and Oranges Spa and Salon is a great choice for expectant and new mothers who desire professional spa treatments. It truly is the perfect place to be pampered.

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