Biologique Recherche Treatments

Wrap yourself up, treat yourself right, get a new glow! Apples & Oranges Spa Body Services are designed to improve your skin while soothing your soul.

Biologique Recherche is a French biological skincare line with over 30 years’ experience in developing the most powerful and effective skincare products in the beauty industry.

With a clinical approach to skincare using intentionally pure, concentrated, raw, 50% or more active ingredients, Bioloqiue Recherche is truly a unique and rare luxury skincare line that treats the skin in stages.

From the Initialization stage that prepare, purify and detoxify the epidermis to restore its natural regeneration functions to the treatment stage that repairs, shapes, balance, firm and tone the body, leaving it more beautiful.

Exfoliating P50 “New Skin” Treatment

This Initialization Booster treatment provides the combined benefits of

a double exfoliation of the epidermis (both mechanical and biological) that builds a new skin

1 hour treatment
Draining Treatment

This treatment tines tissues, improves blood and lymph circulation and drains toxins

1 hour treatment
Relaxing Treatment


1 hour treatment
Toning Treatment

A truly revitalizing treatment which smoothes the skin and leaves it soft, firm and glowing

1 hour treatment
Body Lift Treatment

This treatment tones the epidermis and refines the skin’s texture

1.30 hour treatment
Algae Gel Detoxifying Treatment

This treatment tones and detoxifies the epidermis

1.30 hour treatment
Slimming Treatment with Glove

This treatment drains, eliminates toxins, stimulates and fortifies the

1.30 hour treatment
Anti-C Slimming Program

Complete treatment targeting lipolytic areas to improve firmness and micro-circulation

1.30 hour treatment
Self-Heating Algae Slimming Treatment

Its thermal effect releases marine active ingredients that re-mineralize, tone and purify the body and give you with a wonderful sense of well-being and comfort

1.30 hour treatment
Firming Treatment for the Bust 45 min treatment
Firming Treatment for the Bust – Remodeling® 45 min treatment
Firming Treatment for the Arms

This treatment is specifically designed to firm and tone the inner arm

45 min treatment
Firming Treatment for the Arms – Remodeling®

TThis treatment is specifically designed to firm and tone the inner arm

1 hour treatment
Remodeling Body® 1.30 hour treatment
Complete Body® 1.30 hour treatment
Personalized Slimming Cure
(Weight and Centimetres) 10 sessions of 1.45 hours + 1 hour free Remodelling Machine as an “Add On” for other Treatments.