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No Wellness, No Beauty

Beauty is a term that can often get categorized as a superficial one, but it’s not that irrelevant. The term can mean a lot of things and believe it or not, it has a continuous strong impact on our lives. Most people consider wellness and beauty as two very different concepts. However, the latter has […]


African Rapunzel Grooming Tips!

Here is a fact: African natural hair is able to grow really long. Most people have always had this generally false notion that African hairs are generally stunted and can never quite be long. What they do not realise is that with correct treatment and hair care, ones natural hair can be as amazing as […]


My Pre & Post Natal Experiences At Apples And Oranges Spa, Lagos

Being pregnant is not an easy job, let’s be honest. As one approaches one’s due date, it gets even more difficult and unbearable as the weight of the baby begins to weigh down the mum-to-be. During pregnancy, one’s body is continually adjusting and sometimes, just a little help is needed along the way. At sore […]