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How Brazilian Wax Saved My Marriage!

My husband and I have been married for over 6 years now and are blessed with a son. I got married as a teenager without a mother. My mum died when I was 8 years old and so it’s safe to say I didn’t quite have the basic girl training most girl children need and […]


True Story: In Love For The First Time!

My name is Anita Anyawu and this is my love story. My mother has always loved the idea of keeping one’s hair completely natural and so she never relaxed my hair as I grew up. Consequently, I have an unpleasant thick mass of natural hair with a texture that has always been too much of […]


Transformed: Inside Out!

Words cannot describe how awesome the ‘Apples and Oranges Spa and Salon’ team is! I have never been a firmly decisive person and that is not a great quality, especially for a bride! I had however always known that I wanted the Apples and Orange team on my bridal preparation team. I live in Lagos, […]