Children’s World

Apples and Oranges, we encourage Parents to spend time with their Children while having a Spa treatment. We are proud to be the first “ONE STOP SPA DESTINATION” in Nigeria for the entire Family.

Our Children’s world is sanitized on a daily basis with an in house care giver to ensure parents relax while we take care of the children.

We have Hair Stylist and Barbers trained to understand children’s hair growth patterns and scalp sensitivity.

We indulge children with the following:

  • Educational Games to develop their IQ
  • Cartoon Movies
  • Children Story Books
  • Bouncy Castle to Exert exercise & exert themselves
  • Play pens & mini nursery for kids to take a Power nap
  • soft drink of their choice at every visit

Sample Service for Children:

  • Back to School Corn Row
  • Fixing Beads
  • Braids
  • Relaxer (Self Kit)
  • Relaxer (Virgin Application)
  • Relaxer (Saloon Kit)
  • Texturizer (Self Kit)
  • Texturizer (Saloon Kit)
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Hair Cut