The hardest working parts of your body are often the most neglected – your hands and feet! Apples and Oranges promote safe nail care by using an autoclave for sterilization of implements.

Apples and Oranges Basic Pedicure
Apples and Oranges Spa Pedicure
Royal Pedicure
Gentleman’s Pedicure
Express Pedicure
Paraffin Foot Treatment
Axxium Spa Pedicure
Axxium Royal Pedicure
Hot Stone Pedicure
VIP Nail Spa
VIP Pedicure
Micro cracks and polishing feet
Foot Detox

Seasons technicians are trained to recognize possible skin and nail disorders and can provide guidance on proper treatment. Watch your tension disappear as we soak, scrub, soften and massage you to rejuvenated and beautiful results.