Healthy hair does matter. It’s our life mission to help every lady attain and maintain healthy hair- whether short, long, natural or relaxed.

We have searched and continue to search for unique hair products and treatment secrets necessary for us to accomplish our goal of offering you the finest, effective selection of services. You’ll find a wide array of treatments at our salon for both women and men.

Hair and Scalp Analysis
Hair and Scalp Treatment
Moisture Replenishing Treatment
Damage Cuticle Treatment
Detoxifying Treatment
Sebum Control Treatment
Hair Breakage Control Treatment
Aromatherapy Follicle Stimulation Treatment
Dry Flaky Scalp Healing Treatment
Seborrheic Dermatitis ( Dandruff) Control Treatment
Alopecia ( Hairloss) Treatment
Customized Conditioning Treatment
Aloe Vera Gel Conditioning Treatment
Deep Conditioning Treatment with Shea Butter/Coconut Oil/Glycerin and Almond Oil
Shampoo Only
Shampoo Set and Style
Relaxer (Self Kit)
Relaxer (Salon Kit)
Relaxer (Virgin Application)
Relaxer (Affirm/Syntonics)
Texturizer (Self Kit)
Deep Conditioning (Self Kit)
Deep Conditioning (Salon Kit)
Instant Conditioning
Women’s Trimming
Up -do Gel Style
Locs Rodset & Style (giving locs a curly look)
Natural Dreadlocs (Short)
Natural Dreadlocs (Long)
Natural Dreadlocs Retightening
Locs Up do Style
Locs Individual Braids
Locks Up do Style
Locs Individual Braids
Locks Cornrows
Locks Cuts/ Trim / Layers